July, 2009 Archive
1 Sketchbook: Rohan Etsebeth
8266 Essentially Odd
by 826 Valencia
bag4 Moulger Bag Digest #2
by Rusty Jordan and Brent Harada
robot2 The Gigantic Robot
by Tom Gauld
rosa Stockholm Barcelona Stockholm
by Rosa Linke
DSCN8513 Sketchbook: Ben Finer
russian5.jpg Russian Criminal Tattoo III
by Fuel
print5.jpg The Handy Book of Artistic Printing
by Doug Clouse and Angela Voulangas
japan21.jpg It’s A Funny Place, Japan
by Juliana Wang
18.jpg Sketchbook: Ana Botezatu
helen 22 Embraces
by Helen Hawley
webster6 Pictorial Webster’s
by John M. Carrera
animal Animal Homes
by Kid O
chrisk.jpg Sketchbook: Chris Kyung
sundays.jpg Sundays 3
by Alex Kim, Chuck Forsman, Joe Lambert, & Sean Ford
ghost The Ghost in the Fog
by Barrie Tullet & Philippa Wood
renata4.jpg Sketchbook: Renata Liwska
deux.jpg Un Deux
by Yoshie Watanabe