August, 2010 Archive
connect1 The Exquisite Book: Some fantastic connections!
creativeinc_cov Creative Inc.: An Interview with the authors
by Meg Mateo Ilasco and Joy Deangdeelert Cho
cover business card goes zine
by Rand Renfrow
joanna1 Three Line Novels
by Joanna Neborsky
field2 Field Trip Magazine #1
by Cafe Royal
cover_cropped Sketchbook: Yelena Bryksenkova
sameness-cover Sameness
by Alex Fuller and Gabe Usadel
exp1 Experimental Pattern Sourcebook
by Jackie Herald
letterpress1 Reinventing Letterpress
by Charlotte Rivers
MacNair_0 Sketchbook: Jon MacNair
tony5 Other: The Art of Troy Lovegates
by Anteism
eggg3 Put A Egg On It
by Ralph McGinnis and Sarah Keough
russell1 Jack Russell & John Dory: A Dog and Fish Story
by Nicholas John Frith
rift4 Rift
by James Jean
sato1 Glycine + Tulipe noire
by Noriko Sato
tile1 Tile
by Tomoko Yamashita
fancomi.03 fancomi
by Jun Omori
flower5 kayakyoku
by Nobuyoshi Araki
tokyo2 The Tokyo Art Book Fair