Book By Its Cover is a site devoted to showcasing creative publications. While digital media is flourishing, this site hopes to bring attention to the beauty of the printed page.

The website was created in 2006 by illustrator Julia Rothman as a way to share her book collection. After many years the site has expanded to include reviews by many writers. The books, which are curated by our team, represent a range of work in art and design.

This site is a labor of love. The contributors aren’t getting paid to write for the site. They are doing it because they feel strongly about sharing the work that goes into publishing.

We aren’t receiving compensation for writing about any of the books.

We do receive free review copies of books from publishers and individuals which greatly helps us keep the site going. We are also part of the Amazon Affiliate program. If you click and buy from a link on Amazon that we provide, we will get a tiny percentage of that sale. All of the money that comes from that sale goes directly to buying new books for the site.

We have a donate button so that we can purchase books we want to review from publishers and individuals who can’t afford to send review copies. In exchange for donating, we will sometimes have a book gift. If you are a publisher who wants to donate books for this, please email julia@also-online.com for more information.

The site was designed by Jenny Volvovski of ALSO. Thanks to Jenny for going above and beyond to make this come together.