Jess Rosenkranz


Jess Rosenkranz is a designer who lives and works in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. She was deemed the person who should write about childrens’ books due to her many years of experience working at Hasbro toys, but now as a freelancer she has much more time to devote to actually writing about children’s books, as well as watching documentaries and napping. She has a special interest in books about the following topics: cats, anthropomorphic meat products, unlikely friendships, grumpy bears, patterns, cats, thinly veiled allegory, plants, non sequiturs, and cats. Sharing some of these childrens’ books with actual children may seem a little offbeat from an adult perspective, but a recent sober rewatching of several Disney princess movies has convinced her that like us, the kids will be just fine.


Books Reviewed