by Tonya Bolden and Gilbert Ford

12 Days of New York


Playing off the song Twelve Days of Christmas, this book is about a class of student’s journey through the Big Apple. What could be a basic tour of the city- with visits to places like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and Times Square,- becomes  a quirky and lively adventure because of Gilbert Ford’s illustrations.



His characters have so much personality. The students hoot and holler at a couple kissing in a horse carriage ride through Central Park. One little girl is always wearing a princess hat while her friend is shooting things from his slingshot. A woman walking down the street has a hairdo that matches her poodles, and Grand Central is filled with crying babies. It’s a so much fun to let your eyes wander around each spread to see all the details he’s included in each drawing. I could see children being really excited by each colorful illustration.




I just finished writing and illustrating a book about growing up and living in New York City. And my fellow illustrator friend Josh Cochran just completed an insanely detailed wordless children’s book that let’s you see what’s going on in all the buildings of the city (of course both of these will be on the site as soon as they come out later this year!). There are so many books about New York out there – for kids, adults, and both. I remember when I first started working in my book, browsing the New York section at Barnes and Nobles and getting really upset and overwhelmed. How could I say or make anything original? But as I pushed that unavoidable paranoia away and started working, I realized this city has endless ways of being interpreted, drawn and appreciated. It’s amazing that a city can inspire so many projects and continues to stay intriguing to so many kinds of people. I heart NY.




Pick up a copy of this pretty book here.