by Sylvie Chausse, Anne Letuffe

3 Little Culottes

This adorable rhyming children’s book is a play on the Three Little Pigs tale. But instead of their houses getting blown down, their culottes gets stolen off the clothesline. The three pigs go for a hunt to find them. In a house made of straw they find an old lady wolf has stolen them for a hat, in a house made of twigs, a wolf is using them for a handbag and in a house made of bricks… I won’t give away the ending but it’s a happy one where a wolf and the three pigs become best friends. The illustrations in this book are brilliant. They mix a variety of textures, photos and handdrawn elements in fun and surprising ways. I love that the wolves are made from pieces of rough rock with a snail for the nose (my very favorite spread of the crazy looking wolf I put on the homepage)! The culottes were actually sewn together and swatches of fabric make colorful backgrounds. The pigs pop in and out of the photos and elements are handrawn on top of the images fitting into the scenes in interesting ways. Pick up a copy and enjoy right here.


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