by Gwenola Carrère

ABC Cercasi…

To my understanding, I could be wrong since I am translating this book from Italian in google translate, this an alphabetical book of animal wanted ads. Starting with a tarantula named Alice, each page has a new animal with their wanted ad. Whether they are looking for a new friend, someone to have dinner with or a new home, it seems like the animal on the next page could be the one they are looking for. For example Stella, the dancing giraffe was in a (car?) accident and has had a cast for months. Her wanted ad seeks an eyewitness. And then on the next page is Hassan, a porcupine crossing guard, who very easily could be an eyewitness, no? His ad offers driving lessons. It all continues this way A through Z. What a clever idea! The illustrations are really cool as well. I haven’t really seen anything like them before. They have a crayonish texture over flat color. The palette is gorgeous giving it a vintage feeling. There’s so much stylization to the characters and surroundings that sometimes it takes a second to understand what’s going on exactly. It’s very satisfying when you do because there are really sweet details throughout. On my second flip through this book I did notice something that struck me as very unusual in a children’s book- Carole, the frog(?), is smoking a cigarette! Only in Italy! You can learn more about this book here.


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