by Daria Tessler

Animal Sleep Stories


When I was a kid my favorite book was called ‘goldfish on the train’ (actually There’s a Goldfish by Alain Grée) I loved it so much I made my parents read it to me every night until I could recite the words by heart. Although I remembered it fondly, when I rediscovered it as an adult I realized it was really just a boring story about a goldfish riding a train. No plot twist, no hidden lessons, just a goldfish. And a train. I apologized to my parents for the hundreds of times they had to read it.

But when I saw Animals Sleep Stories by Daria Tessler something about it reminded me of this. I think it’s the vintage illustration style and muted colors. A book you would read at bedtime over and over. But this is more what I was hoping to find when I opened up the book from my childhood.


Bizarre and random, sometimes it rhymes, sometimes kind of rhymes, sometimes it doesn’t even try. Like all the best childrens’ books it has silly details (tiny shoes!) to amuse the kiddies while still being entertaining to adults, at least for the first 15-20 readings.


AnimalSleepStories1 AnimalSleepStories5

Who knows what my life would be like now if only an ominous hippopotamus and a foppish frog in a soggy blog were imprinted into my developing brain during my formative years. Maybe I would be like 20% weirder. I got my copy at Craftland, but you can order it along with the accompanying coloring book here!


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