by Cathy Olmedillas, Rob Lowe

Anorak Magazine- The Happy Mag For Kids

Happy 2008! Here’s something fresh to start your new year! I was blown away when I first saw this kid’s magazine Anorak and wondered whether it would be weird if I ordered a subscription for myself. The design is fantastic and the illustrations unique and super cool. It’s full of funny comics, clever games and cute short illustrated stories. There’s even an illustrated color-in fashion section where funny characters model Ben Sherman and H&M outfits you can color any way you like- the magazine comes with colored “happy pencils.” There’s also a section of beautiful kid’s drawings of rainbows, a hilarious photographic recipe for making “Mr. Bread”, and a set of cards you can cut out with mock logos for your “when you grow up” business. This magazine is really a great creative escape from those gross glossy magazines for your kids that are often full of video game and sexy mini-doll advertisers. This magazine just came to the US (it started in the UK) and you can now buy it at select Barnes and Nobles and galleries. Or even easier, check out their site to get a subscription (published 4 times a year) or single copies. Also check out SuperMundane- one of the creators behind the magazine- for some great design and artwork. And for even more pics of other issues, click here or here. Thanks Anorak!



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