by Clare E. Rojas

Blue Deer and Red Fox

Every weekend I pull out from my shelves the weeks worth of books I’m going to post about- so the order of books gives variety. But then something amazing comes in the mail and disrupts everything. This book is one of those. I hadn’t expected it to have a nice hardcover, be beautifully printed or as sweetly precious a story when I ordered it. I saw the name Clare Rojas and I pressed the buy button immediately because I am always so taken by her folk-inspired paintings. This is a children’s book published on the occasion of her solo exhibition Clare E. Rojas, Forget Me Not at Museum Het Domein Sittard in the Netherlands. It’s the story of Blue Deer and Red Fox, the best of friends, an inseparable pair. After growing old together, one night the two talk about how much they mean to each other. The next morning, Blue Deer realizes Red Fox has passed away and goes to their friend Sayward (the lady) to say how much she misses Red Fox. That’s when Sayward and us, the readers, find out that Blue Deer was actually blind- and Red Fox was Blue Deer’s lifelong guide. And now without Red Fox, Blue Deer will never survive. Actually it’s quite depressing when I sum it up like this. But with the gorgeous paintings and in Clare’s words it’s just quite touching when you read it. You can get a copy of this book from Giant Robot right here. Even if you’re not into the story this is a great collection of paintings really nicely reproduced.



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