by Francesco Pittau and Bernadette Gervais

Elephant Elephant – A Book of Opposites


Based on Ricky’s giggles as we were photographing this book, I knew this was a good selection. Initially it looks like your everyday opposites book – big/small, tall/short, front/back (yawn), but then things start to get interesting.




Another sign of childrens’ book excellence is the one star amazon review. The books that appeal to me tend to be…polarizing.

In the words of Giannina68:
“I hadn’t gotten halfway through reading this book to my 2 year old when I had to stop. The pictures were disturbing to me and in my opinion completely inappropriate. There are pictures of a boy and girl elephant peeing from their private parts, another picture shows an elephant with a cork up their butt, another picture with an open elephant so you can see its intestines, and another picture calling the elephant stupid.”

To which Brady replied:
“peeing from their private parts”!?!? Oh no!!! Where the @#$% do you think they pee from if not their “private parts”. Is your child so sheltered that even they don’t know where their own pee comes from? Christ.”

Good stuff!


Lastly, my favorite spread with its poetic simplicity.


Probably a book for the slightly older child, it would be a good catalyst for some creative discussions.You can get a copy and read the reviews here.

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