by Laura Ljungkvist

Follow the Line

This book has such a simple but genius concept. The cover starts a line that runs the entire length of the book continuing from one page to the next. Along it’s route over the illustrations it draws additional elements. For example- running through the big city illustration it fills in some of the outline shapes of the buildings, windows and doors all in one line. The illustrations are very flat and simple crisp shapes without any line. So when the black handrawn line runs through them it’s really a contrast. A child can run their finger tracing the line through the whole book. Even when you get to the end of a page, the line continues in the same spot on the next page. I can see this idea used for so many children’s items beyond books- imagine kid’s wallpaper where you could follow the line around the entire room or even bedding- the line could continue from the quilt to the pillow. The illustrator Laura Ljungkvist uses the idea on her website- having one line spell out her name. She has done other children’s books and has a new second line book- Follow the Line Through the House which also looks adorable. You can learn more about her here or pick up a copy of the book here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I will be back on Friday with the sketchbooks and a q+a with Anders Nilsen. Yes you read right-Anders Nilsen! (amazing!)



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