by Lena Sjöberg

Hurman Flyger Drake

A surprise package came in the mail last week (while Lisa was guest blogging-thanks again Lisa!) all the way from Sweden. It was addressed to me in such beautiful handwriting, I knew it was going to be good. Upon opening, I read the notecard from illustrator Lena Sjöberg who had visited Book by its Cover and wanted to share with me two of the books she has done. They are both in Swedish but Lena hopes eventually to get them made in English too. I am fine with just looking at the pictures because they are wonderful, and mixed with her beautiful handwriting. Today I am just going to show you the first book she sent which is a children’s book. And then tomorrow I will post about the other one, a comic for an older crowd. This book is actually Lena’s third in the “Hurman” series. The title translates to Howie U. Can Fly a Kite. Basically the story seems to be about a little boy and his friend (a cute animal-not sure exactly what he is but he’s super adorable) who build a kite. Somehow after a few attempts they get the kite to fly with them holding onto it. In my favorite spread they are flying over a marina which we get to see from above. I love how she drew the tiny boats, cars and buildings. The trees are all swaying in the wind set against flat patches of the nicest tones of green. I also really like the spread where the two characters are buiding the kite. It’s like a step by step how-to. The characters here are drawn only in line. Her pen strokes have so much variation from thick to thin in all the right spots. The line work brings to mind Carson Ellis who’s lines also have that same great quality. I have got to get one of those calligraphy pens! Check out Lena’s website to see more of her excellent work. There’s a lot to fall in love with. So tomorrow I will post about the other book. (And I just have to say- getting to learn about artists across the world and getting surprise presents like these, make all the work of keeping up this blog so worth while.)



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