by Enzo Mari

Il Gioco delle favole (The fable game)

The Fable Game created by design hero Enzo Mari in 1965 is something you’ll see in children’s section at most modern museums. That’s because it’s such a classic beautiful simple game that can be appreciated for generations and generations. It’s not a book, but something close. It’s a set of cards that interlock. The cards have illustrations of forty five animals and then some trees and plants and then a bunch of random objects you might find in classic fairy tales- an apple, a boot, an umbrella, the moon. When you interlock them in a variety of ways you are supposed to be inspired to create stories by what you see. There are so many ways to interlock the six cards which makes for endless storytelling abilities. I decided to write about this game today because I have been trying to channel Enzo Mari’s spirit and style for this depth perception game I am working on for Kid O. His animals are so simple using almost always one or two colors but they have such personality shown mostly through their poses which are almost all profile views. I love the small details he chose to include, tiny hairs for fur or whiskers, and what he chose to leave out- lines for overlapping limbs, texture on the surfaces of the bodies. Also the colors he used, not necessarily the right colors for the animal, compliment each other so well. You can get this game right here.

Also this season’s collection of puzzles I illustrated for Kid O are out! Please check them out here, here, here, here, here, and here. They are all made of wood and mostly silkscreened. I am so proud of them!



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