by Alain Gree

La Foret

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Out of the 5 books I’m presenting this week, this is my favorite. Alain Gree was a highly prolific illustrator for childrens’ literature in France. During the 1960s and 1970s, he illustrated over 300 books. Among the 300 were the Achille et Bergamote series which he produced for the Casterman publishing house. The collection features over 25 titles on different topics like energy, trains, cities or in this case the forest. In each one the main characters, Achille et Bergamote ( in the english version its Sally and Billy), travel though new environments and detail the things they find along the way.

In La Foret, Achille et Bergamote hang out with some pink cardigan loving lumberjacks, build a cool fort, discover birds and tap some sap from a tree. The book is filled with eye candy and his illustration style in some ways is similar to the work of Alice and Martin Provensen. Its interesting to note, that Gree claims the Provenses had a big influence on him. If you like what you see above, check out the Alain Gree website and then go nuts like the rest of us trying to track down all his work.



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