by Samantha Friedman

Matisse’s Garden



To coincide with their exciting new exhibition of Matisse’s cut-outs coming in October, the MoMA has just published the sweetest children’s book. It tells the story of how Matisse developed his cut-outs technique starting with a simple bird shape  he made and hung to cover a stain on the wall of his apartment. He then felt the bird was only and started cutting and cutting more shapes to keep him company. The illustrations by Italian illustrator Cristina Amodeo are all made with cut paper themselves playing off the Matisse style. There are reproductions of Matisse’s actual works included in foldouts and interspersed through the book as well. I love how this book (written by MoMA assistant curator Samantha Friedman) explains an artists process in the simplest form for a kid to understand. I could see this book easily sparking a series of kid’s projects based on collage. I am ready to get my scissors out right now. You can get this book right here