by Xavier Deneux


Being a parent of a 3 year old means that I have a large pile of board books. Their small yet chunky quality demands their own special place… which is kind of just… anywhere. They are made to be simple yet sturdy for small, destructive hands. But their content cannot often be reflected upon too deeply as their information does not travel very far beyond the most basic of skillsets: counting, coloring, alphabetting …to name a few.

However, when I saw these books, there was something special about them. These were inventive in a way I hadn’t seen before… and the illustrations were charming and weird enough to perk my interest. Here are two in the THINK TOUCH LEARN series:


The initial look and touch had me noticing the small details all over the front covers…. the inlays and overlays:


…and the spine:


But the content also had this really sweet balance of color and hidden surprises. Below are just a few examples:






A quick search led me to other books (and images) by this artist… who looks to be amazing across the board. I think I’ll be needing his whole catalog…

Opposites available here.

Colors available there.