by Angela Petrella & Michaelanne Petrella and Mike Bertino & Erin Althea


This is the most fun book you will read this year. It feels so wide-eyed and it makes me giggle.


If you aren’t aware of McSweeney’s new line of children’s books called McMullens, you should be. Many of their titles will cause similar reactions.

The first thing I noticed upon randomly opening the book was this particular image:


Of course a book entitled Recipe would include a recipe. I just didn’t know it would include four hundred hot dogs, a new puppy, and a helmet. Instant love was my feeling. I didn’t even really need to read it. I just knew. This spread told all.

But the mood of the whole book matched this page! A pleasant surprise… Spread after spread – as impressive as the next.

Here, you can see for yourself:


I didn’t want to spoil you with any images of the actual recipe pile, but suffice it to say, I believe it is an accurate image of a disgusting mass of junk food and pork product.

I did, however, want to share some of the other gems in the book… For instance, I love it when the endpapers tell the whole story, simply:


And I love it when the authors and illustrator images are incorporated into the style of the book:


It’s also a plus when there is a ridiculous recipe from a very well known pastry chef to accompany a book about a ridiculous recipe. So thank you, Angela and Michaelanne Petrella. Thank you, Mike Bertino and Erin Althea. Thank you, Christina Tosi. And thank you, McSweeney’s for making a perfect little book that delights in experimental kitchen joy.

You can purchase this book, and additional McMullens titles, here at The McSweeney’s Store.