by Roz Streeten

Rosie Flo’s Kitchen Colouring Book

I got both a note from the author/artist behind Rosie Flo and someone at Chronicle Books that because of this blog Rosie Flo’s Colouring books are now going to be distributed in the US. Yay! I guess someone over at Chronicle reads this blog and saw the post where I mentioned Rosie Flo needs a US distributor and jumped on it. And Chronicle Books is a perfect match. They are launching with three- the original, Garden version and Animal version and they will be available in March 2009. I have been feeling totally overwhelmed with work and it’s been so hard to keep up with posting every day (anyone want to be my intern??- email me) but after hearing that, it makes me so excited to continue to share all the amazing books I find. Anyway, Rosie Flo has a new title that just came out I want to share today called Rosie Flo’s Kitchen. It has adorable dessert dresses and cooking related clothing- you draw in the heads, arms and legs and color the rest. The best part about this coloring book- some of the pages have been printed on baking paper. How fun is that?! The baking paper pages are transparent so there are some really funny layerings of drawings. I especially like the corn cob dress with the husk cape that goes with it printed on the page before it. When you turn the page you remove the cape and see the matching corncob purse. Rosie Flo’s site, where you can pick up this new title, has a new gallery section. Now you can share your colored in pages from Rosie Flo with the world and win prizes. Check it out right here. Looking through the colored in versions is my favorite part. These coloring books really inspire imagination!


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