by Blexbolex


The main reason I bought this book a while back was because I love Blexbolex’s illustrations so much. So when I can across this children’s picture book illustrated by him, I was super excited. It’s basically like an illustrated picture dictionary. Across the top are words and underneath is a full page illustration that describes the word. The best part of this layout is that the facing pages and their terms relate to each other in interesting ways. For example, there is a page with the word swim and it shows a bunch of bathers. The facing page is the word sunburn and shows an up close woman with a burn. Sometimes the juxtapositions of pages are cause and effect scenes like the bathers, other times they are just funny. I love the ice cream and yum spread which shows a little ice cream man walking away looking back on the left page, and a gigantic open mouth with a tongue coming at him on the yum page. It’s a clever, beautiful book that can be for adults as much as children. Get a copy here.


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