by Shaun Tan

The Arrival

A BBIC reader Ada contacted me to tell me how much I would love Australian illustrator Shaun Tan’s work. That was more than a year ago! I guess it took me a while but I finally ordered a book to check out his work. Boy was she right! This book is totally incredible, like nothing I have seen before. The entire story is told almost like a comic book in panels you read sequentially. But there are no words. Instead the story is told through insanely realistically rendered illustrations. All in sepia colors, these drawings are gorgeous and evoke a feeling of both nostalgia and mystery. The story is of a man who leaves his family to find a better life for them somewhere else. The worlds are fantastical and so he travels on strange boats and elevator type flying machines. He finds a place to live, a funny pet, meets lots of interesting people with stories to tell and finally a job before he can bring his family to meet him there in the end. It’s a nice story of immigration. The end pages of the book are portraits of all different kinds of people, young and old from around the world. Get a copy of this unique picture book here. Learn more about Shaun Tan here.



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