by Richard Rosenblum

The Bright Child’s All American College Coloring Book

I took a trip to Stormville this past weekend with a friend for it’s flea and antique market. I made mental plans to go back when I have a bigger apartment and for now turned my head so I wouldn’t have to look at all the amazing 1950s kitchen hutches and old library card catalogs that won’t fit in my 440 square feet. Instead I bought a lot of old frames to use for artwork. In the back of one guys booth he had a small pile of about five of this same coloring book. I was drawn to the funny random line drawings on the cover. I mean why would there be a bulldog, a warrior guy, and a ram all on the cover together? Oh right, a college teams coloring book. According to the guy selling it, this oversize coloring book illustrator Richard Rosenblum “became a famous what’s it called.. you know drawer… after he did this book.” I wasn’t too convinced that was the case but bought it for a whole four dollars because I really like the quirky drawings. Googling this Richard guy doesn’t get me too far so if anyone does know anything about this illustrator I’d love to see more. I mean look at how cute that gopher is on the homepage!



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