by Květa Pacovská

The Little Flower King

This really was a recommendation from Amazon. They are getting better and better at knowing what I want the more I buy. It’s scary. But also makes my life really easy especially since I don’t keep up with kid’s books as much as I should. This book has such imaginative illustrations made from collaged paper scraps, paint and pencil drawings. It has a real folk art feel to it although the illustrator is said to be influenced by modern artists like Paul Klee, Kandinsky and Míro. (KvÄ›ta has illustrated more than sixty books and won the Hans-Christian-Andersen-Medal in 1992.) This book has a really simple story about a King who loves flowers but realizes he is missing something else- a princess. So he goes out in search for one and finally finds one in a flower. They marry and she becomes Queen of the Flowers. The book has a few diecut windows- the front and back cover and a few of the pages have a square cut where the king pops through. Pick up a copy of the book here or learn more about KvÄ›ta’s work here. I might have to get this book of her art too.



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