by Mary Elting/ Jeanne Bendick

The Lollypop Factory

I bought this book for reference for a website job Also is currently working on. A client mentioned this book from his childhood and told us he wanted an illustration style similar to this. I found it on ebay for a few dollars and it came in the mail last week. It’s old-copyright 1946, first edition. It seemes like the kind of book I had in my elementry school library. It’s an easy-reader about all different kinds of factories- lollypop, automobile, pencil, ice cream, dolls- all things kids are interested in. I’m sure the the machinery they describe is completely outdated now but it’s still fun to read and the illustrations are great. There’s two variations in color used in them- red, green and black or tan and black. There’s a really nice pattern on the end pages too. You can pick up a copy of this book on ebay- there’s a few up with different covers here.



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