by Nan Richardson, Claudia Pearson

Tribal Alphabet

I was so excited when Claudia Pearson wrote me to let me know of her brand new book that just came out. Not only is this a fantastic educational book for children (and adults!) but it’s also beautifully illustrated by Claudia. The text (written by Nan Richardson) is rhyming poems about different tribes of the world. Each page or spread focuses on one tribe and they are set up alphabetically. I haven’t seen a children’s book that explores this topic which must have been super fun for Claudia to illustrate. There are so many different interesting traditional looks for each tribe- patterned clothing, face paint, headpieces. Often the tribes are engaged in an activity in these painted scenes, like playing music, dancing or interacting with animals. The backgrounds of landscapes and architecture also help to give an idea of what type of area and climate they live in- which is also great for kids learning about the countries of the world. And the endpages are a world map showing where each of these tribes are located. You can get a copy of this book here.

Later today I am going to do another post (I have been so super busy and missed posting yesterday!). The second post you might have already guessed- Claudia Pearson’s sketchbooks! Stay tuned for that in a few hours.



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