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WC4 White Cube
by Brecht Vandenbroucke
Distance Mover Distance Mover
by Patrick Kyle
Runaway2 Runaway Dog
by Emelie Östergren
On Loving Women 3 On Loving Women
by Diane Obomsawin
Pippi_Strongest Pippi Fixes Everything
by Astrid Lindgren & Ingrid Vang Nyman
Lala Albert and Robert Beatty Mould Map 3
by Hugh Frost and Leon Sadler, eds.
VeryCasual_BasketballGrids Very Casual
by Michael DeForge
lisahanawalt_5 My Dirty Dumb Eyes (plus an interview with Lisa about her work)
by Lisa Hanawalt
islands-1 Islands & Between Here and Here
by Brendan Monroe
cosmo_1 A Graphic Cosmogony
by Nobrow Press
gaygenius_1 Gay Genius
by Annie Murphy
egonschultz_1 Durch die Nacht mit Egon Schultz
by Ines Christine Geißer
cb_1 Good Bye & Wedding Day
by Clara Bessijelle
game2 The Game
by Anders Nilsen
wrongplace_1 The Wrong Place
by Brecht Evans
ystov1 Vignettes of Ystov
by William Goldsmith
mocca_330 Highlights from MoCCA
gayl2 Gaylord Phoenix
by Edie Fake
ronr1 Ron Rege Jr. Calendar and Beer
seth4 Palookaville 20
by Seth
vanessa_cov Interview with Vanessa Davis about her new graphic novel Make Me a Woman
rise1 Rise & Fall
by Micah Lidberg
future1 Is it the Future Yet?
by Corinne Mucha
birch1 Birchfield Close
by Jon McNaught