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On Loving Women 3 On Loving Women
by Diane Obomsawin
Pippi_Strongest Pippi Fixes Everything
by Astrid Lindgren & Ingrid Vang Nyman
Lala Albert and Robert Beatty Mould Map 3
by Hugh Frost and Leon Sadler, eds.
VeryCasual_BasketballGrids Very Casual
by Michael DeForge
lisahanawalt_5 My Dirty Dumb Eyes (plus an interview with Lisa about her work)
by Lisa Hanawalt
islands-1 Islands & Between Here and Here
by Brendan Monroe
cosmo_1 A Graphic Cosmogony
by Nobrow Press
gaygenius_1 Gay Genius
by Annie Murphy
egonschultz_1 Durch die Nacht mit Egon Schultz
by Ines Christine Geißer
cb_1 Good Bye & Wedding Day
by Clara Bessijelle
game2 The Game
by Anders Nilsen
wrongplace_1 The Wrong Place
by Brecht Evans
ystov1 Vignettes of Ystov
by William Goldsmith
mocca_330 Highlights from MoCCA
gayl2 Gaylord Phoenix
by Edie Fake
ronr1 Ron Rege Jr. Calendar and Beer
seth4 Palookaville 20
by Seth
vanessa_cov Interview with Vanessa Davis about her new graphic novel Make Me a Woman
rise1 Rise & Fall
by Micah Lidberg
future1 Is it the Future Yet?
by Corinne Mucha
birch1 Birchfield Close
by Jon McNaught
jhill1 Jenny Hill!
by Emma Rendel
mon Mon frère nocturne
by Joanna Hellgren
lions1 Young Lions
by Blaise Larmee