by B.u.l.b Comix

2w BOX- Set B

This is a little chipboard box which holds five accordian, two color, offset printed comics(for some reason I’m missing one of them) held together by little rubber bands. Each little comic is two sided and has no words only drawings. My favorite is by Benoit Jacques. One side of his comic is a woman getting pregnant and then giving birth to what looks like a little man. The other side is a man putting together a bike starting with one tube and building it out from there. The drawings are crudly drawn and very strange. (His website is really cute and has pictures of the many books he’s done which I have to get my hands on!) This box is only set B. But B.ü.L.b comix has made it to set R already- all in little boxes with five little comics by different artists. You can see pictures of each of these sets here. B.ü.L.b comix is a Swiss publisher and The Drama Store is the only store that carries their books in the US although I haven’t seen them carry any of these boxes. I got mine at the Mocca convention which is going to be June 23-24 this year at the Puck building in New York. I can’t wait!


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