by David Heatley

Deadpan #2

This issue of Deadpan includes the 15 page intimate autobiographical comic My Sexual History. What’s more exciting than reading someone’s entire sexual history from kindergarten to present day? All the uncomfortable first experiences, experimentations with the opposite sex, or the same sex, all the bad sex, all the good sex are all here in words and small drawings. I felt like I’d know David for years after reading this comic. (It’s also published in Kramer’s Ergot #5(the best comic anthology) I will post about another time.) Also in this issue are dream comics. Dream comics are not my favorite. The concept sounds good but I feel like in the end your own dreams are only special to you. Since I can’t try to understand what all his dreams mean, all I can think is “hmmm, that’s a strange dream” after reading each one. He also has included a five page comic – Portrait of My Dad. These are short little strips that give you a glimpse into his and his father’s relationship. All in all I am a big Heatley fan so I was very happy to see his illustration on the cover of the New Yorker in February for Valentine’s Day. It’s him riding the subway surrounded by passengers all having their Valentine’s Day thoughts. You can see more of Heatley’s work on his site here or pick up a copy of Deadpan here.