by Patrick Kyle

Distance Mover


Distance Mover follows the adventures of Mr. Earth as he travels the universe in his, well… Distance Mover. Patrick Kyle has created a comic that has a magical mix of captivating storytelling and great drawing style. With a tip of the hat to Dr. Who, Mr. Earth explores strange worlds and studies their cultures. In issue 1, Mr. Earth arrives to a world whose practice of boulder-pushing and mental stick-bending astonish him. “Fascinating! I never dreamed I’d see such an ancient technique put to modern practical use!!” He takes a local artist named Mendel under his wing, and soon they’re off to explore the art of another culture.


My favorite thing about Kyle’s comics is the way he uses the page to move the story along. There are no panels or divisions, but instead he uses the shapes of the individual drawings and the placement of word bubbles to lead the reader through the page and the story. The result is a jazzy swirling of shapes and colors on every spread.


The comic is printed with a Risograph that allows for beautifully bright colors and gradient fades with occasional surprise half-tone explosions. 


Started in May 2012, the story is broken into 12 parts each ending with a cliffhanger so steep it’s hard not to read the same issue twice, just to extend the story. While the comic series has ended, the first seven hard-to-find issues can be read here. Many of the comics are available at Quimby’s, and the entire series is going to be published into an anthology  by Koyama press this coming September.


If you’re looking for a captivating adventure that’s easy to get into, with visual surprises on each page, then step aboard the Distance Mover.