by Edie Fake

Gaylord Phoenix

Edie Fake is one of my super talented friends from college who has been doing incredible things! Amongst them is creating the comic series Gaylord Phoenix which I posted about way back three years ago. Since then there have been a couple more amazing issues which you can pick up at fine comic stores. More importantly Secret Acres has just published a book of all of his collected comics!!! Complete with a mesmerizing cover and the full insane story of magic and obsessive love, this book is pure delight. I can get lost in Edie’s pattern crazy world for hours. The intricate line quality gets so precise is some places, I am so impressed that this is all hand drawn. The book is printed in two lovely colors and you can pick up a copy right here. I’ll have to get Edie for an interview one of these days to get a look into that crazy imagination! ps. Edie works at my favorite Chicago comic store Quimby’s so you should stop in and tell him how much you love this book!


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