by Clara Bessijelle

Good Bye & Wedding Day

I first discovered the work of Clara Bessijelle at the 2011 MoCCA Festival in New York City, when I met a group of Swedish illustrators who published C’est Bon, an anthology of comics. I was immediately impressed at the Swedish comic style. Illustrators approached their narratives in fresh, innovative ways, far removed from American superhero conventions.

This zine by Clara Bessijelle’s contains two short stories. The first, Good Bye, is about a man retreating into his apartment, planning to never come out. The second, Wedding Day, and shows the unfortunate events leading up to a wedding. Clara’s drawings are all extremely detailed, extremely patterned and textured pencil drawings. The scale and proportions of the characters and scenes are all slightly off, placing the reader in a weird, surreal world. For just 5 or 10 pages, you are transported to a different time and place, filled with off-kilter characters and situations. You can see more of Clara’s drawings here.


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