Highlights from MoCCA

The annual Museum of Comic & Cartoon Art Festival took place this past weekend, with hundreds of exhibitors selling their comics, zines, books, and other printed matter. I manned the Parsons Illustration table for a few hours on Sunday, and had a ton of fun talking to festival-goers and browsing as many tables as I could get to. Styles varied from Xeroxed superhero comics to beautifully printed artist books. I got to look through a whole table of Tove Jansson books, trade zines with Swedish illustrator and comic Sarah Klapp, and meet other illustration students from Pratt and MICA. Here are some of my favorites:

Anthony Cuday’s Vita is a dark narrative of a man who wakes up in the woods. I’ve been following Anthony’s work for a while, and I was excited to meet him and pick up this zine. His beautiful, curving linework and strong graphic sensibility make every image compelling.


Katie Turner’s My Week in Bologna is a personal narrative of the trip she took to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in March 2010. Her crayon drawings, fun lettering, and little labeled pictures perfectly match the journal-style writing.


Aron Nels Steinke’s The Super Crazy Cat Dance is, like the cover says, a super fun crazy comic for kids and grownups alike. Even if you’re not a cat person, it’s hard not to like two little girls doing the cat dance, going to the moon to find moon kitties, and then being friends with dogs and cats alike. I especially love Aron’s intricate patterning. He’s adapted this comic into a full-color children’s book you can buy here <http://www.amazon.com/Balloon-Toons-Super-Crazy-Dance/dp/1609050355>



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