by Diane Obomsawin


I really liked learning the 19th century mysterious story of Kaspar Hauser through this comic. Apparently Kaspar was kept locked alone in a dark cell with just a wooden toy horse, his entire childhood. He was thrust onto the street in Nuremberg with just a letter addressed to Captain von Wessenig in 1828. Since he was in a tiny cell all his life he and received food through a hole, he didn’t know other humans existed, didn’t know any language or what anything was. The story tells of his discoveries and the many hands of care he was put under. At the end he is murdered mysteriously as well. What a weird story- you’ll have to get the comic to learn the rest. Diane Obomsawin’s comic style is simple with very little detail. Most of the backgrounds are just different shades of gray. But it works for telling the story and setting the stage. You can get a copy of this book here.


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