by Tender Loving Empire

Shitbeams on the Loose

Pardon my french but that’s the title. It’s a comic collection from Tender Loving Empire featuring a whole bunch of great artists- Drew Beckmeyer, Ron Rege Jr., Matt Furie and Mike Bertino to name a few. Most of the comics have scary monster looking things and/or involve something gross like a puking rose, butthole for a face, or an exploding eye. (I left most of it out of the photos below so you’ll have a nice surprise when you get yours.) It sort of seems like a much more mature, nice looking version of the stuff boys draw in the fourth grade. The one female artist in the collaboration is the exception. She ends the book with her comic about interesting characters she’s encountered on the subway platform. I really like the cover design by Mike Bertino with a matching screenprinted band wrap. Also the lettering made of all circles was fun to decipher. Get your copy here.


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