by Alex Kim, Chuck Forsman, Joe Lambert, & Sean Ford

Sundays 3

This is the third volume of a small comics anthology edited and designed by Alex Kim, Chuck Forsman, Joe Lambert (must get him to share for the sketchbook series), & Sean Ford. I bought mine at MoCCA excited about the nice looking packaging of these three little books. Black and white comics loosely based on the time of day, morning, afternoon and evening, are bound with silkscreened covers and held together with a band (that has a tiny comic printed on the inside!). Out of all the comics, I like Good Morning, Dogburgh the best. But how could I not love an alphabet themed comic where on each page a dog is doing something totally ridiculous. (yes, I am a little worried I have become one of those dog people who loves anything with a picture of a dog on it. Blame Rudy for being just too amazing.) You can learn more about this collection and past anthologies from their site here-lots of pictures of the making of the book including instructions on their binding technique.


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