by Sandro Asatiani

Una Storia Incredible

Just a quick note- thanks to everyone who came out for the Design By the Book Party last night. I had such a great time! The final episode will premiere next week and then I’ll share Mike Perry’s zine he made for his project. He was kind enough to give a free copy to the first fifty people who came last night!

This cute little book made from a cardboard cover and xeroxed interior pages came from Italy from designer/illustrator Sandro Asatinani. Although all the text is in Italian you can read the English version online here. Since Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, it’s about time to post something a little romantic. It’s about a girl and boy who meet and fall in love. She acts and he paints and they get married and have children with curly hair. The Epilogue to this book is that “Our life is full of wonderful moments. It is enough to open the eyes.” This is just one in a series about love but you can look inside all 20 books he’s done here and shop online at the publisher here.



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