by William Goldsmith

Vignettes of Ystov

Once upon a time, a meteorite hit somewhere in Eastern Europe, forming the land mass and Y-shaped river that the city of Ystov was built around. In Willam Goldsmith’s new graphic novel, we get a glimpse into the vaguely interconnected lives of the inhabitants of Ystov. William’s wispy brushwork creates very human, relatable settings and interactions. There is a charismatic vendor of strange foods, scientists set on disproving coincidences, and a couple, Wassily Balaska and Marta Perovic, who driven apart, lock their fingers and vow to meet again one day. Each spread introduces a new set of characters and a little window into their lives. You can get a copy of this book right here. Also be sure to check out this gallery of sketches and commentary from Willam about making the book right here.


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