by Blaise Larmee

Young Lions

This is Blaise Larmee’s first graphic novel produced with the help of the prestigious Xeric grant. The story has a cast of young hipsters figuring things out- relationships, art, life stuff. The story is a tad hard to follow- the dialogue seems coded somehow, like I am missing something unsaid and the scenery keeps changing- party, roadtrip, bedroom. I keep getting lost-but then maybe that’s the point? The drawings are really beautiful and kept me wanting to read until the end. They are simple, soft pencil line drawings with very stark backgrounds. Once in a while a lot of attention will be paid to someone’s hair or another detail and it will be completely shaded. Otherwise, the white space is only slightly dirty from smudged graphite or eraser marks. I love the style of the characters, sexy and sweet, the girls have extra long eyelashes, the main boy character has circles on his cheeks-pretty! This book will be available April 1st- learn more here.


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