by Diana Lind

Brooklyn Modern

I don’t usually tend to buy books on interior design but this one was too close to home to ignore. It’s all about nicely modern designed homes of Brooklyn- which is where I reside (in my tiny over-crowded, lofted one bedroom). I’ve even been in Lena Corwin’s gorgeous brownstone which is featured in the book. I can’t get over how much space some of these people have- they must be multi-millionaires. Any room with a built in bookshelf I think is amazing because that’s all I really want- the piles are really adding up around here. Some of the apartments in this book are so empty- there’s so much space- but where’s all their stuff? I could never have a living room with only one super fancy chair I was afraid to spill coffee on. It’s always a thrill for me to walk around my neighborhood at night so I can get little peeks into all the apartments I could only dream about living in and I’m always interested in checking out design*sponge’s sneak peeks into homes (Grace from design*sponge has an essay in the book–i’ll be guest blogging at d*s next week btw!). So if you’re like me you would appreciate flipping through this book and sighing, imagining how many books you could fill that empty space with.


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