by Lena Corwin

Made By Hand

Made By Hand Cover

I want to make every project in this book!

Made By Hand contents

Made By Hand is based on the classes Lena Corwin once held in her Fort Greene, Brooklyn studio. Several artists and designers each contributed two projects in a variety of mediums and skill levels. As Lena explains in the intro “while all of the projects are based on classic craft techniques, they are showcased in new, modern styles.”

Made By Hand bowls

The book was photographed by Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn. It was great to see the familiar faces of some of my favorite local designers (and friends!) in this book.


I look forward to trying Erin Weckerle‘s Freeform Knitted Throw and Emily Eibel‘s adorable Knitted Cat Toys.

Made By Hand cat toys

Even if you’ve never knitted before, you can catch up with some basic knitting instructions in the back of the book. The instructions are written in plain English without the abbreviations that often make knitting projects confusing.

Made By Hand radish

There is even a patchwork radish and strawberry project contributed by yours truly. All of the fabrics and yarns in the book are from Purl Soho. It was fun looking through their fabric stacks and beautiful wool felts to choose the materials for this project.

Made By Hand butterfly

Made By Hand is available here and you can see more of Lena’s work here!

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