by Todd Oldham

Place Space Series

Thanks to Matt Cassity from Todd Oldham’s studio for sending over their new series Place Space. This series, which is four books so far, is an intimate photographic look into really interesting spaces. The design of these books is fantastic. The cover wrap folds half over and shows the title. It also has the introduction printed on it, each written by someone famous including Cindy Sherman, Amy Sedaris, Michael Graves, and Camille Paglia. When you unfold the wrap it becomes a huge glossy fun poster. The interior is full bleed photos of the spaces- no text just images. The back of each book has a bonus section of perforated cardstock where you can rip out postcards of highlights of the spaces. I am going to show you a little bit from each book below. Please excuse my bad photo taking- it’s hard to photograph anything even slightly glossy.

Bedrock City is a recreation of the cartoon set The Flinstones come to life. The Speckels’s family, in Arizona created this space which just celebrated 35th anniversary this year. Everything from the show seems to be there- the funny shaped “stone-age” buildings, the antler telephone, the car where their legs were the power.

I was most excited to see Home Studio Home/ Providence because it’s pictures of Rhode Island School of Design students rooms. I went to RISD and remember how everyone always tried to outshine each other in how cool their dorm rooms and apartments were. I even know some of the kids in these photos- I was a TA for them my senior year when they were freshman. These photos brought me back to the good ole days of $600 rent, when your sole purpose for the week was to make a cardboard chair and have a cool costume for the Beaux Arts Ball. I can’t say my apartment now looks any more mature then it did back then though. I still have a lofted bed, dirty couch and too many drawings on the walls. ha!

Ever wonder what John Waters house looks like? Well now you can see. Lots of baked goods in unexpected places. Lots and lots of books. Many images have John in them somewhere, sitting in a chair in the background dazed and grinning, or looking in through a window from the outside in wearing sunglasses. These images make me like him even more.

Camp Nest is a sort of artist compound in upstate New York. The guy behind it, Joseph Holtzman was the creator of Nest magazine (that publication is sorely missed). The space seems really fun with bright colors and pattern everywhere and unexpected details throughout.

Find out more about this series here!


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