by Shufunotomosha

Stockholm’s Love Apartments

This is one of the many wonderful gifts I got over the weekend for my birthday. This one comes from my great friend- also a fabulous illustrator designer- Caitlin Keegan. It’s a book of photos of Swedish couple’s apartments or better explained in the title as “love apartments”. I learned from this book that Stockholm has much cuter patterned and better designed stuff. Mostly all the furniture has skinny spindle legs holding it up. There’s lots of little vignettes of people stuff- dishes, mugs, tins, ceramic sculptures, plants in nice pots, or little adorable trinkets. For the majority, it seems the apts walls are white or light colored and all their stuff is bright popping colors. There’s also a portrait of the happy couples included among their photo set and I like looking at their clothes, haircuts and smiles and comparing them to their apartment style. I’m off to Montreal on Thursday for a nice long weekend but now all I can think about is visiting Stockholm with an empty suitcase to fill. This book is Japanese and Caitlin got it at Kinokuniya but if you search for it you can find it in a few places- ISBN978-4-07-259330-1.



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