by EllyAnne Geisel

The Apron Book

This was one of my great Christmas gifts from my future mother-in-law (I’m getting married this Sept!). It’s a book full of beautiful mostly vintage aprons and the instructions on how to make them. I imagine myself finally breaking out the fancy digital sewing machine I bought but never learned how to use and making one of these. They are all such adorable patterns and designs. I especially like the ones from the 50s and 60s that have old fashioned domestic jokes on them like- “I don’t care what he thinks- it’s still work” showing a little cartoon man in a suit and a frustrated woman surrounded by chores. They sell really nice vintage inspired aprons at Anthropologie for around 35 dollars. But I think it’s well worth making one of these yourself instead- especially since this book makes it that much easier by actually including a pattern of one of the aprons in an envelope attached to the inside of the back cover. You can pick up a copy of this book right here. Thanks Linda!!



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