by Aranzi Aronzo

The Cute Book

The title of this book is right. This is a very cute book. It’s a how-to book for making little felt creatures. The patterns for creating these little guys seems very simple. They show you all the pieces you’ll need at actual size and then give you illustrated step by step sewing instructions. There’s patterns for all different characters from a robotic panda to a kidnapper to a cute little terrier. These characters originated in Japan and I think people go crazy for them there. On the Aranzi Aronzo site, which is mostly in Japanese, you can see a multitude of products you can buy with the characters on them. Here’s just a page of different pouches available. This item particulary interested me- a holder for a roll of toilet paper(?) for cleaning up after your dog. I purchased this book at the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. There was a guy in a suit at a small table selling this book and sudoku books. So strange. You can also get this book and many others by them on Amazon here. They also have The Bad Book to compliment this book.



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