by Matt Mattus

Beyond Trend

I’m so excited to write about this book because I have been hearing about it for many months now. Matt Mattus, the author, is someone I’ve worked for on a multitude of Hasbro projects. He has one of the most fun jobs I can think of- developing the looks of the newest, coolest Hasbro toys. (We’ve become friendly over the years- close enough for me to learn that he is also a talented horticulturist, a stylish dresser, and has a gorgeous home with many adorable pets.) So who better to write a book about trend? Matt has been in the business for over twenty years and definitely knows his stuff. In this book he answers questions about how the internet is changing design, why trends return and what you can do to try and keep fresh in an overly designed world. But besides hearing his interesting take on things- this book is also filled with amazing examples of good design from packaging to advertising to illustration. I am also happy to say there are a few spreads of my work included in this book. yay! So make sure to get your copy and get inspired.



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