by Seigensha

Commercial design of Japan

A couple things before I write about this book: first, Lauren Nassef has a really fun contest happening on her drawing a day blog. You get to title her drawing. She is going to pick the winner who came up with the best title in a couple weeks and they receive an original drawing! I have been having so much fun submitting ideas- Long Distance Call, Call Waiting, Coil Me Back hahah!
Also I got an email from Amy of art school girl. She is selling a huge 100+ collection of beautiful vintage books at Chicago’s Do It Your Own Damn Self craft supply sale this weekend. What she doesn’t see she is going to post to etsy. Most of the books will range between 50¢ and $8. Find out more here.

About a quarter of this pocket sized book is really amazing. There’s some really great graphics and funny retro characters. The rest, a mix of signage, packaging, logos, kiosk designs, are terribly ugly. They just look like bad American 1980s style graphics in terrible colors. But for that quarter of goodness I am letting you know about this book. According to the back flap, this collection of commercial designs from the Taisho and early Showa periods is the “grassroots of design in Japan.” You can get this book here.



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