by Centraal Museum

Dick Bruna-Boekomslagen

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Its hard to believe this is the work of the same illustrator that produced Miffy. Before Dick Bruna first introduced Miffy in 1955 and continuing after, Bruna designed book covers for his father’s publishing company, A. W. Bruna & Zoon. He produced over 2,000 covers for Bruna and Zoon. This book is a small introduction to this work. Most of the covers featured come from detective stories, hence all the images of pipe smoking characters in overcoats.

Bruna has a deceptively simple style, often using thick bold shapes and a limited palette of colors for each work. I’m such a sucker for this stuff. I could look it all day. Cool points to the designer for his/ her decision to limit it to 1 book cover per page, this way each cover is reproduced almost to exact size.

Makes me want to cut out the pages and frame them on my wall. Holla if you love the bruna!

You can purchase books, toys and t-shirts at the Dick Bruna store.


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