by Thames and Hudson

Fit Men Wanted


While most people are overly familiar with the USA’s ubiquitous WPA and wartime posters of the early 20th century, most have not been exposed to the exquisite specimens from other countries. Fit Men Wanted from Thames and Hudson is a collection of 62 amazing posters from wartime UK, all used as communication with the common man (along with a bit of propaganda, of course).


The emotional quality to the lettering and illustrations speak to the desperation of the wartimes of the early 20th century. It was a time of restraint and frugality in everyday lives, and there was a necessity to clearly communicate these new, important values. The level of craft and quality in each piece is a beautiful tribute to the power of the hand-rendered word.



Along with the lovely posters, each piece comes with an interesting backstory, or tidbit of history that helps give us modern readers important context. In a way, we get to be transported back in time, to the streets of London, where these amazing, type-heavy posters lived.