by Andrew Losowsky

Fully Booked


A sprawling compilation of beautifully designed books, publications and hand-bound works of art, Fully Booked is an ode to the new face of printed goods. Each featured text was carefully selected and edited together by Andrew Losowsky, Matthais Hübner and Robert Klanten. The book literally begins on the cover, with the strong message alluding to the extremely witty storyline that lay inside: “The internet is not dead. Print will not kill the web.”


Written from the perspective of the very book you are reading from, this cleverly developed storyline guides you through the many facets of a books’ function. Broken down into five sections, the book delves into its’ purpose: storyteller, showmaster (a piece of art), teacher, businessman (as annual reports) and collector (a permanent piece, recounting history). It is a beautiful way to think of the idea of “book”, and the importance of preserving information.


Besides the well executed narrative, what really sets Fully Booked apart from other compilations is the fact that the book itself is actually as well designed as the books that are featured. The designers, Robert Klanten (cover) & Matthais Hübner (layout), created an environment that perpetuates the obvious call for beautiful works of printed art.



My favorite parts of the book are the subtle blue gradients emanating from the gutter of the chapter opener pages. They create such an interesting dynamic to the page, very much like the glow from a computer screen.


This last subtle little detail makes you wonder if their original “Print will not kill the web” mission statement is actually a subtle call to arms for designers. We all love the internet, but as they boldly (and politely) mention at the end of the book, “Long Live Print!”


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