by Princeton Architectural Press

Grids and Guides

Grids and Graphs 1

I recently received the most amazing notebook: Grids & Guides, put together by the Princeton Architectural Press team. It is a book of many faces—enclosed within are 8 different kinds of graphing paper for all of the needs of a “visual thinker.”

GG-2Most creative people are a lot alike: people who hoard notebooks, and yet somehow can never seem to have the perfect one. Luckily, the lovely folks at PAPress brought us this great & useful book. Besides the benefit of the variety of pages, the cover is flexible but thick. It’s perfect for throwing into a bag and running off to work, without risking any dog-eared pages.


Tucked within the 100-or-so-pages are handy cheat sheets for subjects like physics, anatomy, chemistry and even carpentry—so what ever situation you might find yourself in, there’s a helpful tip for you.


And if you’re the type of person that gets distracted easily—or gets caught in tons of long, boring meetings—the pages are positively wonderful to doodle on!